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I was always a reader of blogs until I had my miscarriages. Then I started to feel I should share what I go thru and hopefully it can help someone after  journey we are on.

Finding infertilty blogs:

Starting a infertility blog and why:

Do you have a blog? Share on’s forum


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A great place to make friends, rant and rave, and share experiences.

I am not affiliated with I am just a member who loves it 🙂

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More information on ureaplasma

I found a website that more information on ureaplasma.

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Off topic – Project Pink for Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Hi all:

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Start your own fundraising duck at to raised money for a great cause.

I love to do this every year since I found out a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Pass the info on your friends and family!
Have a great day!

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Did you know that a helpful micro-organism can cause miscarriage?

We have many micro-organisms living harmlessly—even helpfully—in our female and male reproductive tracts. However, some certain bacteria can cause us problems!

What are names of these troublesome little guys? Mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma urealyticum!

We can live our lives normally and not even know (no symptoms) we have until we start to have a miscarriage and then the doctor will do a test.

What happens is the infection with these bacteria can inflame the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), making it impossible for an embryo to develop.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Childless Mama’s Blog.

Feel free to vent, cry, tell us what how you are feeling.

Childless Mamas blog is for women who have chemical pregnancies, early pregnancy loss, miscarriage or struggling to have a baby but can not due to finances, no partner, etc.

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Childless Mother – A Poem

 Childless Mother – A Poem

I am a childless mother.
There is an empty hole in my heart
Where my child is supposed to be.
Where there should be squeals and laughter
There is nothing but mind-numbing silence.
And look, there, in the corner sitting idly,
Waiting, is a child’s rocker, my rocker-
The rocker that I sued to sit in and imagine
Rocking my baby instead of just a doll.
And I realize, that as empty as that rocker seems,
My arms feel even heavier with the emptiness.
How can emptiness feel so heavy?
That emptiness carries my broken dreams,
My disppointments, my resentment.
Flutterby kisses never shared,
Laughter never heard,
Tears never brushed away
All weigh more than a child ever will.
There is an empty hole in my heart
Where my child is supposed to be.
I am a childless mother.

by Louise C. Taylor, Copyright 1997

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